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Renzo Flo y Cristiano
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Leading the CBD Flower Industry in Spain

Embark on a fascinating journey as we recount the history and trajectory of our company dedicated to wholesale and retail distribution of CBD flowers since 2018. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality products, we have become a prominent leader in the Spanish market. Our vision has led us to establish 19 successful franchises across the entire nation, bringing the benefits of CBD to every corner of the country. Additionally, through our online sales, we proudly offer shipping services to customers across Europe, extending our reach beyond national borders. We continue to innovate and serve our customers with passion and excellence, shaping a bright future in the CBD industry in Spain.

Sweed Dreams

Our Objective
in Thailand.

We arrived three weeks after the decriminalization of cannabis with the aim of opening a high-quality indoor cultivation flower production farm.

Our goal is to expand as we did in Spain, with proprietary coffee shops and franchises. In fact, after just one year, we already have 8 shops and franchises.

Our primary objective is to produce high-quality products and offer them in the Thai market.

We plan to work with Thai personnel and teach them about indoor cultivation and its benefits.

Additionally, we aim to create a Thai seed bank for worldwide export and establish a plant nutrient laboratory to export products globally, leveraging our distribution channels in Europe.

Collaborating with Thailand, we believe we can achieve world-class quality standards.

We want to showcase to the world that Thailand can deliver world-class quality by utilizing its own resources.

Our nutrients are 100% locally sourced from Thai resources.

Our plan is to expand and make our proposal known internationally.

Our Awards

international competitions

2019 Canapa-Mundi Rome
Canapa Mundi wins the award for the best flower in Italy in 2019 with our Black Mamba genetics.


2022 keo Kush Kannasur
Our Genetic Keo Kush Rockport takes home the Kannasur prize. It is the second edition of the original Keo Kush from 2020.


2023 Mango OG Kannasur
Mango Og wins first prize for best flower of CBD at Kannasur 2023, for second consecutive Year

branding ideas

Our Artist Collaborations

Since its inception, Sweed Dreams has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned artists and personalities, such as Kid Keo, The Gangster of BCN, Black Alien, De la Rue, and many more. These partnerships have allowed us to combine the world of CBD with the vibrant creativity and unique styles of these talented individuals. Together, we have created exciting projects that showcase the versatility and potential of our premium CBD products. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with these esteemed artists, and their support has been instrumental in our journey to become a leading name in the CBD industry.

Who we are in Spain

Our Franchise Network Across Spain

A Nationwide Presence: Mapping Out Sweed Dreams' Extensive Franchise Network Across Every Corner of Spain

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