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Book 1 In the Streets you Never Win, you Only Lose or Draw


“In the street you never win, you only lose or draw” is the story of a boy who lost his childhood and moves on instinct.
A boy guided by his heart, without a structured family education, who tries to find happiness while fighting against adversity. Renzo, from a very young age, will follow the path of the street, making decisions that will lead him to traffic drugs internationally, earn a lot of money, and lose it all due to the convulsive impulse of the life he chooses. The adrenaline of his criminal acts will be the only thing that makes him feel alive. For years, Renzo will be lost in a cloud from which he will eventually have to come down to understand the meaning of life. Only when he faces a twenty-year sentence for international trafficking will he understand the true meaning of who he is and what he needs to change.