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Book 2 There Are No Walls That Prevent Your Desire For Freedom


In “There are no walls that can stop your desire for freedom,” Renzo Fló tells us about his process of change and transformation after going through a long period of imprisonment in France and Italy. At the same time, he explains the pain of losing his mother and friends. With this second part of his experiences, Renzo wants to give strength and hope to all those who are going through difficult times, even if they are not as drastic as his own, or even worse. His intention is to teach them to believe firmly in themselves and find the necessary strength to move forward. When we focus on our own lives and a better future with positivity, we can overcome any situation. “There are no walls that can stop your desire for freedom” is a tough and sincere account of someone who has faced harsh existential battles and has managed to make a radical change in his life.