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Scotty Too Hotty

Scotty Too Hotty is a indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Biscotti with Rainbow Chip. The effects of Scotty too Hotty are relaxing and euphoric, Scotty Too Hotty makes them feel focused, relaxed and quite hungry. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, for a sweet but gassy aroma and flavor of vanilla and notes of diesel. Medical marijuana patients say they buy this strain for stress and moderate pain. The original breeder of Scotty Too Hotty is Exoticgenetix.
This flower was grown using organic Coco substrate produced in Thailand, using the purest, highest-quality inputs and filtered water. Drying was carried out slowly, while maintaining sufficient humidity to allow the resin to remain fresh and offer the maximum level of terps. All the process is with the aim of offering an exclusive experience when tasting these beauties.