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full moon sesh winner

In a vibrant celebration of talent and innovation in the world of cannabis, Sweed Dreams Thai stood out remarkably at the fifth edition of the FullMoon Sesh, held in Bangkok in 2024. The event, which brings together enthusiasts and professionals from the sector, was the stage where Sweed Dreams Thai’s new genetics, “Mellowz” and “Dipz,” took second and third place in their respective categories.

January 19 became a memorable date for Sweed Dreams Thai, as it was recognized for its excellence and quality. In the “Hash Holes” category, the “Dipz Flower” genetics secured an impressive second place, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to creating high-quality products with great acceptance.

On the other hand, “Mellowz” won the third place in the competitive “Hash Holes” category, reaffirming Sweed Dreams Thai’s position as a benchmark for innovation and quality in the cannabis industry.

The FullMoon Sesh, known for its dynamic atmosphere and its ability to bring together the best in the sector, chose Bangkok for its latest edition, marking a milestone as it is the first time it has been held in Thailand. The competition categories included Dry Hash, Ice Hash, Hash Rosin, and Hash Holes, offering a wide spectrum for the display of talent and quality.

full moon sesh winner

As the curtain falls on this year’s FullMoon Sesh, the achievements of Sweed Dreams Thai light the way forward for the cannabis industry, underscoring the vital role of innovation and quality in shaping its future. These accolades, secured against the vibrant backdrop of Bangkok, not only elevate Sweed Dreams Thai’s standing within the global cannabis community but also serve as a beacon of excellence for others to follow. As we look ahead, the future promises to be an even more exciting stage for innovation and development in the world of cannabis, with Sweed Dreams Thai at the forefront of this movement.